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This is a collection of music I've recorded over the years. Probably the best stuff I have.


released October 16, 2015



all rights reserved


good robot usses Manchester, Connecticut

Hey. I'm Rebecca Tollingworth. I'm a 31 year old transfeminine genderqueer musician. A bunch of my newer songs have to do with being trans, but not all.

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Track Name: A Summer Away From You
A summer without you, love has driven me insane.
I’m crazy for you.

A summer without your voice has deafened my ears.
You're all I need to hear.

A summer without your sight has blinded my eyes.
You're all I need to see.

A summer so long, so long it's aged me so.
Too long to be away from you.

A summer without your love has driven me insane.
I'm crazy for you.

A summer without your touch has numbed my soul.
My skin is so cold.

A summer without you here has deadened my senses.
Deaf. Blind. Dumb for you.

A summer so long, so long it's killed me so.
Too long to be apart from you.
Track Name: [If Just For This Once] Give Me What You've Got (demo)
With these barriers between us,
this difference in time,
the roadblocks set up in my head,
I will break them all if it means
I could hold you just once
before you change your mind.

These inhibitors in me
stop me from doing what I should,
the drugs I stopped taking
should have stayed for good.
Each day without you or them,
I’m wrecked, in a constant state
of a n X i e t y.

And, I need my oral fix(ation),
the pill on my tongue,
or my lips to yours.
For just this once,
I think it’d be enough,
to feel you deeper
than the playful touch.

For just this once,
can you be my medicine,
my sanity,
my grounding hit?

One punch to the face,
if this isn’t what you want,
watch my teeth mingle in the grass
with my blood.

The worms will come up
for the moisture
and drown in me.

For just this once,
I need your hand,
either choking me down,
or holding my own.

Help me whichever way
you see fit,
with a kiss or a hit,
land it on my cheek,
or my lips.

Just give me what I have coming,
and send me into oblivion,
and join me if you want,
or leave me to rot.

The choice is yours.
If just for this once,
give me what you’ve got…
Track Name: Under the Stars
We got in my car
and we went for a ride.
We listened to Coldplay
on the way.

We got to your house
and decided to leave.
We went for a walk
in the cool Autumn breeze.

We walked through the woods
and you showed me your favorite

We talked, talked
and I saw you were cold.
Without thought, thought,
I gave you my coat.

And we lied, lied
on the concrete.
We lied, lied
under the stars.

And you called it a dam,
but I don’t think that’s what it’s

And we talked, talked
about everything.
And I thought, thought,
thought you were mine.

But I just lied, lied,
just lied to myself
as we lied, lied,
lied to the night…
Track Name: Fortnight (intro)(demo)
We shared a kiss and more,
a night of bliss, so short.
Two weeks have gone,
it's been too long
to not see and hold you close
and lightly kiss your nose.

Your body against mine,
swapping heat and breath.
We were drunk, with hazy minds,
inhibitions got up and left.
But I still felt in control,
though the cards were yours to hold.
Track Name: Upside Down
You came into my life,
took all of my stuff
and turned it around.
You came and
flipped me upside down.

You showed me
what it means to be alive.
You showed me
what it means to be in love.

You came into my life,
and turned it around,
turned me around.

Turned me around,
turned me around.

Upside down,
inside out.

You came into my life,
taught me how to live.
Track Name: Steam
and me,
like steam.

I’m the boiling water
and you’re the cool air.
When we’re together,
it’s really not so fair.

I try to get close to you
but I just dissipate.
When I try to talk to you,
my words disintegrate…
Track Name: Royal Flush
She’s got the cards
She’s playing her game.
Without her here,
It’s not the same.

I was her King
Now I’m the Joker.
She was my Queen
Now I can’t hold her.

I lost my hand
When I offered it to her.
I had to fold
If I couldn’t be with her.

She’s got the chips,
I went all in.
I’m left with shit,
Just me and this ring.

The game’s not over
We can deal more cards
There’s another hand
on my other arm.

There’s plenty more hearts
left in this deck.
I can find the right one
to fix my wreck.
Track Name: I'm Sorry (demo 4)
I’m sorry,
I came on too strong again (like an idiot)
I wrote this song, let’s pretend (that I didn’t)
Shouldn’t have sent that message (let’s forget it)
I hope this isn’t the end (or is it?)